Murals on Main Street

Pontiac currently has over 20 outdoor murals which depict its local commercial, cultural, and political history. Most of the murals can be seen from your car, however, a walking tour is the best way to see the many details.

The largest mural is the Route 66 shield found on the back of the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum. 18 murals were painted by the Walldogs, a collection of sign painters and muralists who came to town in the summer of 2009. The more than 150 artists painted the entire set of 18 murals in just four days.

Free Mural Guides are available at the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum, the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum, the Museum of the Gilding Arts, and City Hall.  Or you can follow the red painted footprints on the downtown sidewalks for a comfortable walking tour of all of the murals. 

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  1. 1926 - Route 66 & the Pontiac Auto

    Painted by Tang Dongbai, in 2015, this mural celebrates the birth of two important American legends - General Motors' Pontiac automobile brand and Route 66.

  2. Abe Lincoln & Strevell House Mural

    The artists who designed this mural were Mike Meyer and Adam May.

  3. Allen Candy Mural

    This mural was designed by Jay Allen of Machesney Park, IL.

  4. Bloomington, Pontiac, & Joliet Interurban Railroad

    The mural design comes from Rob Estes of Brushstroke Signs in Paducah, KY.

  5. Chautauqua Assembly

    The mural was designed by David and Susie Butler and Dan Sawatzky.

  6. Daniels Oil

    The mural recalls a time in the past when gas stations provided full service to their customers and were a place to gather all of the community news and gossip.

  7. Drink Coca-Cola

    The artist for this mural was Sonny Franks, who lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

  8. Fire House

    This mural was designed by Stephan Connor of Blackstone, IL.

  9. Humiston Heritage

    The mural was designed by Gary Anderson, a sign painter from Bloomington, Indiana.

  10. Jesse Fell & Chief Pontiac

    Judy Grossman of Sonora, California designed both of these murals.

  11. Palace of Sweets

    The mural was designed by Cam Bortz of Pawcatuck, CT.

  12. Pontiac on Route 66

    The mural was designed by Tom and Kathy Durham of St. Louis Missouri.

  13. RCA Victor

    This sign pays tribute to the "walldogs" of earlier years. It was designed by the Triple Bernies - Bernie Gietl, a postal carrier in Carlinville, IL, Bernie Lohmeyer, a sign painter from Osage City, KS, and Bernie Poff, owner of Bernie's Signs in Prairie Du Sac, WI.

  14. Rodino Square

    This mural was designed by Dale Manor, of Oak Creek, Wisconsin where he works as a model maker for Waterloo Industries.

  15. Roszell's Soda Shop

    This mural was designed by Pontiac's own Joe Diaz. Although the representation here is fictional, it recalls an earlier time when soda fountains were staples in almost every American small town.

  16. Route 66 Preservation

    This mural is the only indoor mural. It is located in the lobby of the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum.

  17. Route 66 Shield Mural

    This is our first mural in Pontiac. It was designed and painted by Pontiac's own Diaz Sign Art. The mural is located on the back of the Route 66 Museum. In front of the mural you can drive your car, motorcycle, or other mode of transportation, or just stand on original Route 66 bricks for a photo. Access to the mural is from Main Street in the 300 block, just off of Howard Street (IL Rt 116).

  18. Scatterday Soda

    This mural was designed by Carole Bersin.

  19. Tradition of Farming

    The mural was designed by Michael Clark, a resident of Aleda, Illinois where he has a sign business which he began in 1983.

  20. Vermilion River & Old Mill

    The Vermilion River flows in a northerly direction from its origin in Livingston and Ford Counties in north central Illinois, eventually emptying into the Illinois River, near Oglesby.

  21. Waldmire Memorial

    Designed by Route 66 artist and icon, Bob Waldmire, this mural features a map of the entire length of Route 66.

  22. Weekly Sentinel

    This mural design is by Nancy Bennett of Dannco, Inc.

  23. Welcome to Downtown

    This mural is painted on the reverse side of the Vermilion River and Old Mill billboard. Mural designed and painted by the Diaz Sign Art company.