Walking Tours

While it certainly is easy to get around Pontiac by car, it is equally as easy to get around on foot! Get up close and personal with the attractions you're walking past - it's also a great way to see the sights if you're here after hours or other times the museums aren't open. See the different routes below or come to town and just start walking! Special thanks to Pontiac Parks and Rec for creating these maps for us!

Map of Downtown Loop Walking Tour
Map of Mural Loop Walking Tour

Downtown Loop:

Starting in the free parking at 115 W Howard, take a loop through the downtown area to view many of our attractions, retail locations, and several of our murals. This loop is approximately 9/10 of a mile.

Mural Loop:

Starting in the free parking lot at 115 W Howard and take a loop to see all of our larger than life Murals on Main Street. The majority of these murals were completed in 2009 when the Walldogs (an international group of muralists, sign painters, artists, and more) spent a week in Pontiac creating them. This loop is 1 1/4 miles.

Map of Lincoln Loop Walking Tour
Map of Downtown Bonus Loop Walking Tour

Lincoln Loop:

This 1 3/4 mile loop takes you back in time and lets you walk in the footprints of Abraham Lincoln. He was in Pontiac several times throughout his life and our 9 wayside exhibits detail those visits and give a little more insight into his life and times.

Downtown Bonus Loop:

This tour takes you past the same great sights as the Downtown Loop, but adds in the scenic Humiston Riverside Park, past the train station, and through Fell Park while seeing several more of our downtown businesses. This loop is approximately half a mile longer than the Downtown Loop.

Map of Museum and Historical Homes Walking Tour

Museums and Historical Homes Loop:

This 1 1/10 mile tour takes you past all four of our museums as well as all three of our Historic Homes. Though the homes are only open select times throughout the year, their beautifully renovated exteriors and well kept landscapes are worth seeing. 

Map of Play and Chautauqua Parks Walking Tour

Play and Chautauqua Loop:

Just outside of the Downtown District, this 1.35 mile loop takes you through two of our many parks and over the two oldest swinging bridges. While you're there keep an eye out - this also goes through our Disc Golf Course!