Top Three Selfie Spots

Image of Pontiac Mural with text overlay saying Top 3 Selfie Spots in Pontiac
Woman sitting on yellow art car
Woman posing with Lincoln statue
Man jumping in front of Pontiac Route 66 Mural

Pontiac is full of wonderful photo opportunities. From our one of a kind swinging bridges and the river flowing underneath them to the historic courthouse and downtown shopping district, you won’t run out of things to photograph. But one question we get asked quite often is "where are the best selfie spots?"  So we dug through piles of data, pictures we’ve been tagged in on social media, pictures we enjoy taking, and lots of anecdotal evidence to compile this list for you! So here they are, the top three selfie spots in Pontiac:

3) Designed and painted by local artists, these art cars grace the sidewalks of our downtown every summer. But aside from being nice to look at, they also make the perfect backdrop for a selfie! Take a seat, pretend to be cruising down our sidewalks, and take a selfie with a unique background all your friends will love.

2) Is there a more well known public figure than good old Honest Abe? We think not! Abraham Lincoln has a rich history in Pontiac with nine looking for Lincoln sites within just a few blocks of the downtown area. But the one we want to highlight here is the statue of young Abe on the historic courthouse square. Hold his hand and look admiringly into his eyes, marvel at how much taller he is than you (the statue is life sized!), or just smile because not many people can say they have a selfie with one of our most famous presidents.

1) If you’ve ever even thought about visiting Pontiac before, you’ve probably seen an image of this mural. No trip to Pontiac is complete without a selfie in front of the largest Route 66 Shield mural located on the rear of the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum! This iconic mural is a selfie favorite for a reason: the bright bold colors make everyone standing in front of it pop, and the bricks underneath are from the original Route 66 alignment through town. (Fun fact: you can drive your car onto those bricks today for a photo, make it a selfie with you AND your car!) But regardless of whether you’re taking a Route 66 trip or just spending a day or two in Pontiac, this is a photo op you don’t want to miss.