Strevell - Lincoln House Restoration Project

The Jason W. Strevell house, located on Livingston Street in Pontiac, is the last remaining home in Livingston County known to have hosted Abraham Lincoln.  In 2008, the building, which had been divided up into apartments, was threatened with demolition.  Several Pontiac families, aware of the historic significance of the building, bought the home to save it.  In 2009, ownership of the home was transferred to the Livingston County Historical Society.  Since then, the house has been evaluated by several experts in historic restoration, and a plan was formulated to return portions of the home to their pre-Civil War condition.  

The restoration was complete in the spring of 2018. Starting May 2019, the house is now home to the new exhibit "Nine Days in April: The Lincoln Assassination and the Press." This exhibit features major newspapers and their headlines from the period immediately following Abraham Lincoln's assassination as well as newspapers contemporary to Lincoln's life. It offers fascinating insight to the culture of the time and the importance of print media.

The house is open to the public the third Saturday of the month May through October. Additionally, it has a meeting space available for local groups to rent. For more information, contact the Livingston County Historical Society.

Below are photos taken at various stages of the restoration process at the Strevell House.  

Strevell Home circa 1950 - Many Spires Missing


Early Photo - Note the Full Front Porch

Early Photo of Strevell House

Strevell House Prior to Restoration - 2009

Strevellhouse BW edited

Abe Lincoln Speaks at Strevell House

Abe Lincoln Speaks at Strevell House

Restoration Project Kick Off -2010

Strevell Kick Off 9_27_10

Restoration Kick Off Event - 2010

Strevell Restoration Kick Off

Boarded Up and Looking Sad

Strevell Lincoln House Restoration Work

Windows Removed for Restoration

Strevell Lincoln House Exterior

Window Casings Repaired

Strevell House Restoration

Window and Door Restoration

Strevell Window Restoration

Strevell Interior

Strevell Interior 2

Strevell Interior

Strevell Interior 1

Workers Remove Old Wallpaper and Paint

Workers scrap away old wallpaper

Refurbished Storm Windows Ready to be Installed

Interior Strevell House

Back to Bare Studs in Some Rooms

Interior bare walls

Paint Removed, Patches Complete

Paint Removed - Patches Made

Street Department Prepares Walkway

City Workers Prepare for New Walkway

Memorial Bricks Engraved

Strevell Brick Engraving

The House stripped of paint.

Strevell House without Pain

Placing Memorial Bricks in New Walkway

Installing Memorial Brick Walkway

Sod Arrives to Dress up Front Yard and New Walkway

New Sod Arrives

Mike displays the new spire he made for roof

Mike with new spire

Working on the new roof!

Roofing Strevell

New Exterior Paint

The Strevell House painted a deep red.

Byrne Trust Donation

Bryne Trust Donation

Electrical Work in Progress

Electrical Work

Strevell House with Completed Walkway and New Roof

Strevell House 14 Wreaths

Matrix and Enbridge Donation

Matrix_Enbridge Donation

Society President Bob Sear with two very dirty members after an afternoon at the Strevell House

Historical Society Men at Work

New Heating Unit Installed

New Heating Unit

Work crews discuss painting plan

Planning for Paint

Carpet removed, broken stairs replaced

stairwell treads stripped of finish

Storage Area for bits and pieces

Storage area for small bits and pieces

Painting near completion.

Strevell Paint Job Interior

Finished Staircase

Finished Staircase

Furnishing the historic parlor

Historic Parlor Furishing

Enbridge Community Room

strevell interior 2

Folks Gather To Celebrate Completed Restoration Project

Strevell Grand Opening 1

Lincoln Artifacts ready to hang

Lincoln Artifacts

The historic Front Parlour

Strevell Interior 1

Mayor Russell Welcomes Crowd

Mayor speaks at Strevell House

You can support the restoration of the Strevell House by making a monetary gift, or by purchasing a memorial brick.  The walkway leading up to the home's front door is made of four sizes of bricks that can be engraved with a dedication, a memorial, or a tribute to a person or group.  For more information on the Memorial Brick Program or on making a tax-deductible gift in support of the Strevell House Restoration Project, contact Pontiac Tourism at (815) 844-5847, or download and print the Memorial Brick Order Form