City of Pontiac

A Pontiac street flooded in 2008
Houses and a street flooded in 2008
A community band playing in Pontiac
An antique car show
Fresh veggies for sale at farmer's market
Fall leaves blooming on a tree in Pontiac
Pontiac fire department fire engine.
A crowd gathers for the Lincoln statue dedication
A group of people relaxing during Pontiacs in Pontiac in 2004.
A street lamp glows in Pontiac at night.
A historic photo of one of the first fire stations in Pontiac.
3 of the first fire trucks in Pontiac
A historic photo of the old Pontiac electric car.
The Pontiac recreational gym.
The outside of the Pontiac Recreational facility building.
A historic picture of an old thresherman.
Men standing with shovels at a ground breaking ceremony.
People watching paddle boats on a lake