Walldog Mural Exhibit

The Walldog Mural and Sign Art Exhibit is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the outdoor wall advertising signs painted in the days before electronic mass media. The painters who created those early signs were given the nickname of "Walldogs." 


The displays which are found in the exhibit room tell the history of the early sign painters who created their art on the sides of brick buildings, barns, and other structures. Examples of those early signs can still be seen throughout the Midwest and, though faded, peeling, and sometimes barely readable, these "ghost signs" remain an important part of our collective cultural and commercial history. 


The modern "Walldogs" took on that nickname to pay tribute to the muralists of the past. They work to preserve the techniques and artistic aesthetic of those early artists. The exhibit presents many historic and modern artifacts associated with the craft of outdoor mural and advertising sign painting.