Palace of Sweets

Story Behind the Mural

From 1920 - 1930, the Palace of Sweets was the candy dreamland of both children and adults. This locally famous candy store and soda fountain, located at the corner of Madison and Mill, offered everything from penny candy to malts and sundaes. 

Whether to celebrate a birthday, a graduation, a first date, or some other special event, a trip to the Palace provided everyone with a delicious treat and a lasting memory. One of the unique features of the sweet shop was the beautiful stained glass mosaic sign proclaiming its name located on both the Madison and Mill street facades. That artifact is still visible today under an awning which protects it. 


The mural was designed by Cam Bortz of Pawcatuck, CT.  


GPS - Latitude: 40.880520; Longitude: -88.630302
A mural of the Palace of Sweets