Pontiac Chautauqua Photo Album

The Pontiac Chautauqua programs ran from 1898 to 1929.  We are fortunate to have many documents and photographs from the Pontiac Chautauqua Assemblies.  The Pontiac Public Library has the most complete collection of printed materials, programs, and other paper artifacts related to the Chautauqua.


1914 Chautauqua Program Cover

1914 Cover Chautauqua

Hand-Drawn Map of Pontiac Chautauqua Grounds

Chautauqua Map

Survey Crew at Buck's Pasture - soon to be site of Chautauqua Assembly

Survey crew at Park

Entrance Gates at Chautauqua

Chautuaqua Entrance

Early Photo of Pavilion

Early Photo of Pavilion

1920's Era Photo of Pavilion - Note the more substantial columns.

Pontiac Chautuaqua 1920s Postcard

Ford cars parked at Chautauqua

Car Display

Dining Hall with Waiters

Dining Hall

Ladies Gather at Hall of Science

Hall of Science

Young Ladies Line Up at Girls Club Tent

Girls Club

Youngest Children in Kindergarten


The "Moon Garden" - night spot for adults.

Moon Garden

Folks Gather on Bleachers for Pageant Show

Bleachers Crowd

Boat Rides on the River

Boats On Vermilion River

Refreshment Pavilion at Chautauqua

Refreshment Pavilion

On Hot Days - Swimming in the River!

Swimming in River