Mobile Device Tours

Cell Phone Tours 

Pontiac Tourism is proud to offer a cell phone based mobile tour. Supported by OnCell technology, the cell phone tour provides visitors with audio and/or text information about selected attractions or sites within the city. 

At certain locations you will find signs that indicate that a description is available via the cell phone tour. Simply dial the number shown, and when prompted, enter the stop number. You will hear a brief informational message concerning the attraction you are seeing. 

If you are using a smart phone, you can download a QR Code Reader app, and scan the QR Code box on each sign.  The QR Code will take you to the audio recording.  

Please remember that while using the Mobile Device Tour is free, the phone and/or data transmission rates associated with the use of your cell phone will apply.
A banner advertising cell phone tours. This image has a scannable QR code on it.