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City Connection to Lincoln

Pontiac’s historic connections to Abraham Lincoln date back to Lincoln’s early days as a young lawyer traveling the 8th Judicial District (see map below). Lincoln visited Pontiac many times, represented a number of local citizens in legal actions, and made connections here that helped him to rise to prominence in state and national politics.

To locate our Lincoln sites, pick up a Lincoln Tour brochure at one of our museums, or download and print a copy of the Abraham Lincoln Tour brochure
1860 portrait of Abraham Lincoln
We are proud of our Lincoln heritage and invite visitors to learn more about the humble prairie lawyer who rose to become one of our nation’s most important and admired Presidents.

Looking for Lincoln Story Exhibits

The exhibits include:

First Known Photograph of Lincoln - 1846

First known photo of Abraham Lincoln taken in 1846

Last Photograph Taken of Lincoln - April 10, 1865

Last known portrait of Lincoln taken April 10, 1865
Map of Lincoln's 8th Judicial Circuit Prior to 1847